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'Noble Joy in Art'

Welcome To The Gallery.....

I explore many painterly applications and use graphite pencil, liquid & solid watercolor on paper, ink on paper, oil crayon aquarelle on paper, murals, acrylic & oil on canvas, and I design wrought iron and metal pieces that are both functional and abstract on occasion.

I refinish wooden tables, as the trees used to make them speak to me, and I love helping others restore as possible loved items damaged by living with them.

I design functional art combining wood, metal, glass, and found objects. I derive a "Noble Joy" from my art endeavors, and from a very young age have used color and line to define sublime emotions and visions, and ultimately received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin as a teenager being pushed into the world without a map.

I am starting a new chapter based on my love of Earth. My inner compass is mutable and morphing, and growing things pull me. I love Earth. I have seen some beautiful things in Nature...I love sharing what I feel, and this new series is not all pretty. I am unable to comprehend the pain and savage destruction of habitats, pools, ponds, rivers, lake lowlands, and the extinction of precious rare species all over the planet; from the ice to the savannahs and deserts, to the cords of water pouring from mountain ice to fill creeks, toss waterfalls, course streams, endlessly carving the rock and soil making travels to the oceans a major journey to behold, replenishing, contaminating, birthing. Skyscapes send me...I love Earth. I love Earth. All this I do is about how much I love Earth.

My works are free flowing from my experience, and my imagination pulsing with energy from necessity. Sometimes the materials take on a meaning of their own, I don't have to dominate every impulse if I like what happens. I love transparencies , overlays of washes, and color contrasts, unexpected delights within the within. 

The fresh way oil crayon melds with oils and mixed media has an immediacy, a vulnerability, and this reiterates how fragile Earth is in the hands of humans.

I need to paint, I need to create images with meaning, I need to express my emotion and mental state, and I need to help somehow.

This Art is real. It is meant to be shared and used. It is meant to give you "Noble Joy", even in the darkest form, even in the deepest longing for meaning. 

Here it is, my Art Box ~

Fina M Ross        Artist/Writer